Middle School

Middle School

Middle School

The importance of secondary schools is increasing.
The importance of secondary school, which is a transition step in the 12-year compulsory education system, has increased. To pass a good high school at the end of 8th grade, a challenging exam is required. Students who will go to high school with a sound academic infrastructure in secondary school will now have paved the way for a good university.

From this point of view, we can understand that the importance of secondary school has increased. In a way, the future of children is determined in these years. Being aware of this fact, we say that gaining a solid foundation for our students will be decisive in their success in the years to come. Education infrastructure to take a role in the world of art, science and science and to establish a successful business life in the future

They will already produce projects and build the future.
While GÜNEŞ College will develop our students' social and individual skills with a modern school program, on the other hand, it will show all kinds of dedication to TEOG success of the students with the Academic Support System for Central Joint Exams.

In our school, regular trial exams and TEOG information seminars will be held for students in the exam period, informative meetings will be held for parents and students, and bulletins will be published.

In the years before the exam, the social, mental and emotional development of the students are monitored together with adolescent support projects.

While our guidance unit is always on the subjects of motivation, exam anxiety, goal setting, preferences, regular work and question techniques, our teacher teachers responsible for each class will also play an active role in the TEOG process. With the support of TEOG principal Advisor and Teacher, our students are shown one-to-one attention, while their deficiencies will be completed and they will feel valuable.

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