Primary school

Primary school

Primary school

In the first steps of the education life, the period when the main foundation was laid is primary school years. Therefore, a good classroom teacher that a child may encounter at primary school is perhaps a great chance for him. At Güneş College, we will offer teachers that they will not forget. Class 1 requires both patience and experience. Children experience the most striking change in primary school. With our experienced class and branch teachers, we will lay the foundation of the Middle School and the following years from 1st grade to 4th grade. Because the first years are very important; how it starts.

While our students learn their mother tongue in the most correct way, upper level English education begins in the first year. Foreign teachers will also take part in the courses aimed at practical speaking with the experienced, distinguished teachers of the College.

At Güneş College; every child will develop their personal skills, their talents will be revealed. We want to raise successful individuals who are able to express themselves, who have advanced reading and writing skills, and who have high self-confidence. With the help of many social activities and projects such as games and sports activities, club studies, domestic and international trips and holiday camps for academic and cultural purposes, education of solidarity and solidarity culture, and sister school, we aim to help our students socialize, develop themselves and develop their skills.

We know that the foundation of the entire educational life of children was laid in primary school. Easier, more enjoyable and more permanent learning will take place with state-of-the-art smart boards in each class. We turn our school into a training camp with the Library, Science Laboratory, IT, Music and Visual Arts classrooms.

With our boutique school concept, we apply a "less student, more interest" model in every classroom.

With our 35 years of primary school experience, we aim to develop our students not only academically, but also socially, culturally and mentally.

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