Message of the Founder

Message of the Founder

Message of the Founder

Suns in children's pictures!
Look at the pictures made by children; every child's picture has a sun in a corner. This is so for all the children of the world. So, the Sun is a reality that illuminates the world of children and takes place in their inner world. Who knows, maybe every child has a Sun. And every child has a unique sun in his brain, mind and heart.

If every child has a Sun, let's call it the "Sun of Children."

Here, Solar Schools, which got its name from the warmth, brightness and power of the Sun, wants to be one of the Suns of children dreams with Kindergarten, Primary School and Middle School.

To improve our minds

To advance our thinking power

To enrich our dream world

To fill our knowledge world

Not being alien to all the eigenvalues ​​of this land and

In order to be a world citizen open to innovations and change with knowledge and skills in a constantly changing new age

We bring together children looking for their own sun in our school; to these, "Children of the Sun"

Call. We want the Children of the Sun to find their own sun at Güneş College.

In lesser students; closer attention, more love, higher success and happier child!

This is our goal:

The Children of the Sun will meet the Children of the Sun here.

The sun will be a "happy school for children"!

With love and respect ...

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