Guidance and Psychological Counseling priority is based on cooperation between school and family by giving importance to ethical principles (Trust, unconditional acceptance, impartiality and confidentiality). The second priority is the systematic and professional assistance process for the individual to gain problem solving skills, understand himself, make realistic decisions, communicate effectively with the environment, provide self-confidence development appropriately, and realize his physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in a healthy way.
With this definition, we can generalize the following
1. Guidance is a process
2. Guidance is the job of helping the individual
3. Guidance assistance is for the individual
4. Guidance is scientific and professional help
5. Guidance is to help the individual realize himself.
Güneş College Guidance Service works are carried out in accordance with the annual plan prepared in accordance with school needs. The studies to support the emotional, social and mental development of our students are carried out by our Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit. Individual, educational psychological counseling and guidance studies; orientation, consultation, student recognition and identification, behavioral management studies, learning styles studies, individual interviews, group studies, trips, seminars, information meetings, test and inventory applications. Student and parent meetings are held on the topics needed.
Orientation: It is an individual and group work that is used to familiarize students who are new to or from the school with the new environment they participate in, to provide information about the rules, functioning and possibilities of the school, and thus to facilitate their adaptation to the school.
Consultation: It is a service that helps to increase the effectiveness of guidance services by informing and guiding school administrators and teachers about guidance services.
Recognition and Identification of the Student: To ensure that students understand themselves by applying inventory and testing, aiming to recognize emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral aspects by considering their development areas.
Behavioral Management Studies: It is to provide the students to give behavior training by giving guidance to the age group in order to comply with the school rules.
Learning Styles Studies: Each student's learning styles are different, so it is aimed to make learning easier by determining student-specific working styles.
Individual Counseling: The mental health, psychology and development principles of the student; It is the application of individual's well-being, personal and professional development and pathology issues through cognitive, affective, behavioral and interactive intervention strategies.
Group Counseling: It is a group work that facilitates students' self-knowledge, discovering their own personal needs, determining personal goals compatible with the values ​​system of the society in which they are located, giving a realistic direction to their lives, and developing relationships with others.
Student Seminars: For our students on topics needed during two semesters; informative presentations organized by guidance teacher or expert in their field.
Parental Guidance: Seminars and trainings that will add value to the lives of children and their families during the academic year are offered by an expert psychologist and guidance teacher, by combining individual meetings and educational activities with our parents, taking home and school experiences as a whole.

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