In the studies carried out by specialist teachers, an environment of love and trust is created, and children are provided to learn by loving, and the personal development process of each child is tracked exactly.

The game-based teaching method to be implemented in our school strengthens the love of school and learning, and it is ensured that the school environment to be separated from the family will be more productive and fun.
In branch lessons, new methods and techniques are included to highlight the abilities of each child and develop them. With the development of the mother tongue, the foundation of foreign language education at an early age is laid and English education begins. One of the greatest achievements of children in kindergarten will be to be fully prepared for primary school.
The education programs to be implemented in our kindergarten are renewed and developed according to children's interests and abilities, development lines and interests.
With the help of Foreign Language, Physical Education, Music, Painting, Ballet, Dance, Drama, Computer, Chess, Visual Arts, Values ​​Education and other activities, our children's social and mental skills will develop.

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