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Güneş Koleji Konyaaltı Kampüsü- MUTLU ÇOCUKLAR OKULU

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The year is 1980… The year when the Antalya Anatolian High School was opened, we started primary education for the first time. After serving Antalya for 35 years, we carried our experience to Güneş College. With its experience of nearly 40 years, GÜNEŞ is considered as one of the most known educational institutions of Antalya.

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Some broadcasters representatives from across the country, for the location of Güneş in Antalya; '35 years in Turkey, serving elementary school students do not just another private institution,'' they said. While sharing this meaningful assessment with you, we are aware that we take a greater responsibility for education.

Güneş Koleji Konyaaltı Kampüsü- MUTLU ÇOCUKLAR OKULU
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